‘Ang’ includes FOP Leave in their Office Policy

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

A brand of personalized stationery & Designing label, ‘Ang’ founded by Aangi Shah now offers menstrual leaves to its female team members on the first day of their period. Making this as a part of their official policies, Ang aims to invoke authorities to legislate to give all the working women the freedom and convenience of taking leave on their first days of periods.

Ahmedabad-based brand Ang comprehends the policy as an innovative gesture to bid adieus to horrible as well as conventional social taboos around the menstruation in the country of India. On the basis of menstruation, millions of women and girls fight against gender & social discrimination, problems related to health, and most importantly, low self-esteem. Lack of awareness is the key factor behind all these hindrances affecting these women.

The firm, which has a number of female staffs, announced the policy in their Instagram stories last month. The announcement itself received oodles of recognition and acceptance by their enthusiastic followers. This boosted up the confidence and courage of the company to support women in their respective paths to break the glass ceiling of global development.

The founder of the brand, Aangi Shah understands that the first day is definitely not very comfortable for most of the female employees. So, she felt ‘now’ is the time to face reality and accept the consequences of the process of menstruation not as an embarrassment but as part of our lives.

The issue of menstruation is one of the matters of grave concern that is not generally discussed frankly and conversed on public & open platforms. As a result of age-old social beliefs, women and girls in the country of India are being ignored on the grounds of the menstruation, moreover, they are being subjected to social exclusion.

The ‘Women’ at ‘Ang’ have the privilege to apply for a leave on the day when the inconvenience is unmanageable without being asked any question. Ang believes that the rest of the women in India will have the same right and will gain more power to break the shackles of any kind of impediments coming on their avenue to excel themselves in their respective fields of work.

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