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The Story of

Aangi Shah | Founder - Ang by Aangi Shah.JPG
Aangi Shah

Founder + Creative head

Ang by Aangi Shah is the brainchild of Ahmedabad based designer Aangi Shah. It is a label which offers personalized stationery items like note-cards, notebooks, wrapping paper and mesmerizing invitation cards.

Aangi Shah has worked for high end labels and various Bollywood celebrities. It was during her time designing for textile designers that she began to conceptualize Ang by Aangi Shah as an outlet to explore her love for stationery and design.

The label is known for its production of bright and well-designed desk Stationery that is sure to add the pop to the mundane life!  

It is also known for its production of bright and well-designed invites that is sure to capture the minds and hearts of the guests who receive them. We put in much creativity in our designs so that each client gets a unique and delightful model of cards. Along with wedding invites, we also specialize in gorgeous wedding stationery which will give the added pop to your big day.

Our mission is to capture life's noteworthy moments to be tucked away and saved forever.

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