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12 Unique Ways to Use a Wax Seal Stamp

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Don’t we all just love Vintage? The sheer style and the elegance has something about it, that makes you want to go for that old camera or that antique brass vase. Well, we’ve got you covered with our collection and a little guide of different ways of using a Wax Seal Stamps that combine chic with Vintage!

Here’s a few ways you can revamp your simple articles, stationery, gifts or bakes by adding a royal touch of sealed stamps with us

1. Refine your Bouquet

Flowers are a beautiful gift, and what makes them even better is a little dollop of wax stamped with the initials of your special someone!

2. Sip some Fine Wine

Unwind with some Wine, decorated by a Wax Seal that adds to the Finesse.

3. Make it One Brunch to Remember

Make your Brunch Party the talk of the town by using Wax seals as a classy Décor.

4. Icing on the Cake

Customize your irresistible Cupcakes with chocolate engraved seal stamps, and let the temptations begin!

5. Add Finesse to your Feast

Give your guests a taste of not only your food, but also your remarkable hospitality by having a card with their Initials placed on the plate. .

6. Go for the Dough!

Add a little whimsy by using our Wax Seal Stamps to make your cute little Dough balls into Playful yet delicious Dessert bites.

7. Make Your Gift Stand Out

Want to show your loved ones how much they mean to you? Try to add a little personal touch with a Wax Seal impression.

8. Let Design be Part and Parcel of you!

Whether it’s a Gift Bag or a just a Parcel, enhance with a Seal, making an otherwise plain bag into an accessory!

9. Add Panache to the Ganache

A step ahead of the conventional “cherry on the Top”, turn any dessert into Gourmet with Chocolate accessories shaped with Seal stamps, and let the “Rich” Chocolate Cake live up to its name.

10. For your DIY Parties!

Party favors are a Royal Affair. Just attach a Wax Stamp to an otherwise mundane bag, and you have an exemplar of Vintage Minimalism

11. Turn Ice into Nice!

Even a basic block of Ice can be your very own Artistic Masterpiece, when imprinted with an authentic design on a Seal Stamp

12. Stamps for Every Occasion

Be it a Formal Party Invite or a Friendly Birthday Card, our Wax Seals are all set to add an aesthetic touch of History and Art to all your occasions!



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