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6 Stylish & Unique Ways to Wrap a Gift

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Here are some tips & tricks to give your present that extra sparkle


There is a great interwoven connection between paper floristry and stationery brands like Ang by Aangi Shah. We are in this industry to add that special touch to everything possible, whether they are gifts or table setups, or just about anything. For that very reason this collaboration was one that I was looking forward to.

Welcome to this series of Wrap with Love that I've created especially for Ang

Gifts are a token of Love exchanged. It's a beautiful way to express what you feel-joy, love, merriment, cheer, playfulness, bliss rejoicing, good spirits.

But it is also about how you would like the recipient to feel, Think about the joy of receiving a gift of love.That first reaction, that first flutter of emotion!

Now think about receiving a gift that's delightfully wrapped, a gift that not only holds some materialistic/sentimental value, but one that evokes emotion, just by looking at it..

Looking at something that's wrapped with love.

Don't we all love playful wrapping papers? This is the first layer of dressing up the gift.

Here are 6 stylish ways that I love, that adds your signature style to the wrapping.

1. Photographs or Polaroids

It's the perfect personalization. It takes one down the memory trip to remind them of all the special moments you've spent together. It also makes it a bonus gift of a sweet keepsake!

2. Natural Elements

Forage your backyard for tree clippings, pine cones, and other pieces of fresh greenery to top your gifts, use gold or white markers to doodle. Later these can also be pressed in books to save them as a memorabilia. What a perfect way to remember the gift forever.

3. Layering

Add torn pieces of paper to layer on the beautiful striped wrapping paper from Ang. These can be from their range of double sided papers or simply use old book scraps. No old books? Here's a hack, Print your favorite quote, and stain the paper with some black coffee to give it a vintage feel. Get your creative juices flowing people!

4. Artistic

Play around with Wax seals, stickers, water colors or zentangle gift tags, all of it can add a stylish touch of Art.

5. Paper Florals

It’s no secret that everyone loves flowers. Some handcrafted paper floral gift toppers from

Mi ikigai are the perfect touch of magic, add some lace, tassels and charms to a bespoke style wrapping.

6. Keep the Season in Mind

Keeping the seasons in mind while wrapping a gift also helps narrow it down, during Christmas or New years, using the bright red checkered wrapping from Ang along with tinsel & Christmas tree ornaments as charms or rolled cinnamon sticks even, speak a lot about the cheer you are trying to express.

During more traditional festivities like Diwali, the addition of drapes and brightly colored ribbons with a gold touch and paper marigolds would make a great statement.

Wrapping gifts is an art, but it is also an act of warmth and love.

Hope this series of tips & tricks help you express all that you feel!


Uurmi Bhatia

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