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6 Tips for Writing a Thoughtful Handwritten Note

Here’s a guide on how to curate beautiful handwritten letters


Writing notes to loved ones is a dying art in the present age of texting and emailing. Whether it is to convey appreciation, love, or to let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them, writing a note is far more superior, not to mention a charming option. There's nothing like a personal note written with real ink on paper. Here are some tips on how to write beautiful handwritten notes.

1. Find stationery you love

If you’re trying to write a thoughtful note on a random card, you’re already fighting an uphill inspiration battle. Instead, find personalized monogrammed stationery that reflects your personality and always gets you in the mood to write.

2. Start with a draft

You might be tempted to type it out as it might seem like a more convenient option, but your emotions always flow in ways you weren’t aware when you put pen to paper. Whether you’re jotting down a short congratulatory message or a longer thank you for a job interview, it’s beneficial to get your initial thoughts down on a rough sheet without the risk of wasting the awesome stationery you’ve hunted down.

3. Follow a formula without sounding formulaic

Be candid when you write the note. After greeting the person by name, your first sentence should clearly express why you’re writing. The second and third sentences can go deeper with a specific personal touch, and you could wrap it up by mentioning the future - perhaps the possibility of following up or making plans to meet.

4. Add something that says ‘I care’

This tip comes courtesy of Sigmund Freud, who said, “I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows, and instead tell him something new.”

Translation: Don’t go for the obvious.

Instead of something like, “Thank you for the dress — it’s the loveliest shade of red,” a better move is to describe a fond memory it evokes or tell the gift-giver where you plan to wear it.

5. Write the way you talk.

The whole point of sending a handwritten note is to make the reader feel appreciated, which they totally won’t if you crank out something that sounds like it was dictated by a robot.

6. Seal it in style

If it is an old-fashioned charm that you aspire to achieve, don’t just write a note and leave it at that. Put something in that is special – put in a pressed flower, spray some perfume on it, seal it with a wax seal or a ribbon – Personalize it the way you like!

P.S: Be honest, when was the last time you sent a heartfelt handwritten note?

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