7 Unique Ways of Using your Wedding Monogram for your Wedding Celebrations

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Here's a guide on how you can personalize your Wedding decor with your monogram

Your wedding day is all about personalization—from writing your own vows to creating the perfect menu from scratch. And just as the food, music, and ceremony should be totally you, we think your wedding mood should be as well. And thankfully, there's no easier way to personalize than with your monogram! Monograms can be elaborate, hand lettered or illustrated to incorporate the tiniest of details of the couple, their love and the things they believe in - making it their very own. A wedding monogram is one of our favorite elements to incorporate into a wedding invitation suite. They can be used throughout a wedding as they are so versatile. Here are 7 unique ways to utilize a wedding monogram

1. Wedding Invites

The most obvious but always the breathtaking way of using the monogram. Invites set the tone about the wedding celebrations. Even way before the celebrations start giving your guests a glimpse into the mood, vibe & the celebration as a whole.

2. Wedding Stationery

With exotic destinations at our fingertips, and the prospect of more intimate ceremonies, it’s no surprise that more and more couples are following their wanderlust and hosting breathtaking destination weddings around the world. From luggage tags, to welcome notes, to room key cards to itineraries. Add your monogram to all of it, letting your guests know the destination is celebrating you!

3. Wedding Signages

Make the entrance to the event a special one. Everybody loves a modern personalized display. It's safe to say that guests would have no question as to where the party is.

4. Wedding Bar

You absolutely can’t miss the most important (and most-visited!) area of the celebration. From cocktail napkins to coasters to champagne flutes to personalized stirrers & straws, there are tons of ways to work your monogram into your wedding guests’ favorite area.

5. Wedding Desserts

A perfect sugary surprise for your wedding guests. Oh, yes! we do have the ability to print on cookies, donuts and cakes. We love the idea of branding your dessert bar—think custom-printed cupcakes, branded cookies, etc. Your desserts will likely get lots of social media love.

Other than an edible option, you can use your wedding monogram as a wedding cake topper or put it on the decorative base that holds up the whole of the cake. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it.

6. The Dance Floor

Sangeet & Mehendi are the most fun parts of the entire wedding celebration. Everybody look forward to this event the most. So why not have a custom dance floor, and put your stamp on it?

7. Wedding Accessories

The accessories! The tiniest of things that we’d generally overlook but you shouldn’t miss. The napkins, tissues, pillows around the wedding mandap, the plates - your wedding china. These also make the perfect keepsake that you can use in your new home once the big day is over.

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by Aangi Shah



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