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How to Plan a Small and Intimate Wedding

Tips and Tricks for Planning A Small Intimate Wedding!


Coming from the land renowned for its tradition of grand weddings with an endless guest list, the concept of having an ‘intimate wedding’ is unheard of. Even as couples were moving towards opting for smaller weddings, the current pandemic has made this the new norm that everyone has to stick to. Due to largely being inexperienced in the area of planning an intimate wedding, here are some tips and tricks to help you!

1. The Guest List

If you were dreaming of a large wedding, here comes the gut-wrenching part. We’d class an intimate wedding as one under 150 guests, but there will likely be restrictions in place depending on where you live and your wedding date.

Our best advice when it comes to slimming down your guest list is to keep your nearest and dearest and cut down on the actual number of invites ruthlessly. The good news is that people aren’t as likely to feel left out under the circumstances, so if you’re worried about hurt feelings, you can rest easy there.. You can make arrangements for friends and family not invited by holding your ceremony virtually too.

2. The Budget

As the wedding in question is an intimate one, the budget can go one of two ways – have a lavish one with limited people or minimize the budget on account of the same. First and foremost, decide on what you want.

3. The Planning

While you need not put in as much time on planning as you might have on a grand wedding, an intimate wedding doesn’t necessarily mean it can be planned in a day. Keep in mind, if you’re booking a venue, calendars will most likely fill up fast in 2021 with lots of 2020 couples re-booking. Put that at the top of your list then work things out from there. There are still several decisions to be made and to-do’s to check off.

4. The Venue

Fewer people on the guest list means the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a venue. One of the key considerations of a small wedding is ensuring that the wedding venue complements the size of your party. Intimate weddings let you choose a nontraditional venue like beach side, or a hilltop, a farm, countryside villa or even your own backyard. What better place to step into a new chapter of your life than the venue that holds importance to you!

5. A Break from Traditions

A short and fun ceremony might be more your thing. If you don’t want to include traditions, nix them. If you do, keep them! An intimate wedding is the perfect opportunity to make things very personal and for you, that could mean changing it all up!

6. The Details

Go hyper-custom, A small wedding means you can put more of your budget and meaning into the details. Consider personalizing a welcome gift and/or favors to make guests feel special. Give your guests a memorable experience with personalized touches that complement the events, like live music during dinner or personalized notes from the couple. These little gestures will go a long way to make your wedding memorable.

7. What You Can Splurge On

When your guest list is smaller, your budget can go further. Go big on flowers, or book your photographer crush! Maybe amp up the cocktails or hire live musicians. Treat yourself – and your guests to something special.

Most importantly, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the celebration!

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