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Here's how to postpone your wedding due to the pandemic

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

See the silver lining & here's a guide on what to do


Brides and grooms around the world are echoing the same sentiments. While citizens of our country and several parts of the world stay inside their houses, as the threat of Corona lurks disrupting many weddings, showers, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and more. Wedding guests are reconsidering travel plan for months to come, some venues & vendors may change their policies, destination weddings are sought to be postponed It is recommended that all gathering of 10 or more be postponed or held virtually.

Here’s what to do;

1. Don't Panic

The situation is frustrating & saddening for you, and many many others. Understand that your guests & vendors will support you no matter what you decide to do ultimately about your wedding.

2. Consider your personal situation

Be wary of making any hasty decision without fully addressing your personal situation. Each wedding is different from another. For example, If your wedding is scheduled for October, you may want to consider a different course of action than someone whose wedding is slated for spring & summer.

3. Reach out to your wedding planning team

Right now is a great time to get in touch with your vendors, your wedding planners, your venue, your stationer and all the other parties helping you plan & organize your wedding. Be mindful that they are likely to be inundated with similar calls & emails from other couples. Be polite and professional as you explain your situation, concerns, desired course of plan and request for guidance.

4. Create a communication plan to inform your guests

Get in touch with your stationer. If you have already sent out invitations, the best way to do this is to send a postponement notification, whether that be a physical product from your stationer or an email or Whatsapp announcement. For couples who have printed their invitations but haven’t sent them yet, you can reach out to your stationer and ask them to develop an insert with the new details to put on top of the invitation in the envelope so that you aren’t wasting the beautiful invitations that you already have.

5. Be flexible

When working with your vendors to reschedule, try to keep an open mind. While your original dates may have landed on a weekend, securing another weekend dates later in the year may not be possible.Create a spreadsheet with all viable date options and list which vendors are available for each date to help you make the decision easily. It’s in every couple’s best interest to keep their vendor teams intact as much as possible to ensure their day and vision unfolds in the way they envisioned, no matter what date they ultimately choose.

6. Celebrate the day anyway

Even if its not the day you had planned & envisioned, the date will always hold significance. Find a small but meaningful way to celebrate it. Plan a fancy date night or enjoy your favorite bottle of wine and a movie.

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