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What your desk says about you

What your desk looks like can reveal your true personality


Desks are a reflection of our personality and some of it shines through no matter how impersonal you try to be. Read on to find what you can gather from a desk – be it yours or anyone else’s!

1. The Stationery Addict

You have everything anyone might ever need. From notebooks, spiral-binds, planners, notepads to post-its in various shapes, sizes and colors. You are a walking (or rather, stationary) stationery shop and you can’t seem to control yourself from buying more. You are a shopaholic and truly enjoy having all of the newest items that make your life easy and desk colorful.

2. The Organizer

Your spirit animal is Monica. You love a routine and post-it notes. Your desk has stacked and labelled files, holders and numerous organizers. You know the exact location of your belongings and can get to it even in your sleep.

3. The Minimalist

You have the bare minimum on your desk. You enjoy orderliness and discipline in your life and are in control of everything.

4. The Clutterer

Your workspace is chaotic, colorful and often covered in nick-knacks and personal effects. You are an extrovert, friendly and a highly creative person.

5. Boho

You inject your personality into everything. You have inspirational quotes, a dream catcher and possibly fairy lights setting the mood of your desk. You are all about the aesthetic vibe, and definitely creative and a traveler.

6. The Plant Lover

You love foliage & blooms and have more than one plant on your desk. You are a nature lover and love to spend time surrounded by lush greenery most of the time. Nothing can perk your mood up like beautiful blooms do.

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