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Why Bridal Wedding Planner Books are worth all the hype

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Don't forget a beloved tradition or lose track of a single detail with pretty but practical wedding planner that makes for a picture perfect day


When it comes to something as intensive as wedding planning, it’s always smarter to be too organized than not enough—which is why even if you’re already keeping tabs on the different stages through an app or website, picking up a wedding planner book (or two) certainly can’t hurt.

Even better, when the big day (or weekend) is over, you’ll have a memento to go back to whenever you want to reminisce on the planning process even better, when the big day (or weekend) is over, you’ll have a memento to go back to whenever you want to reminisce on the planning process

Here are a few reasons why a bridal planner is worth all the hype,

1. Helps you track the Wedding timeline

The bridal wedding planner journal helps you keep a track of time to avoid any stress at all during the process, it comes in handy with timelines telling you when to look, when to book, when to send, and basically everything you should be doing at different times during your engagement.

2. Helps you set the budget

The bridal wedding planner journal helps you break down & track your wedding budget. It is one of the trickiest yet most important wedding planning tasks. Since creating this figure influences all of your other decisions—venue, guest list, which meal options to select, and if you can spring for that pricey DJ—it's essential you select this figure correctly.

3. Delegation plan for bridal party

When it comes to delegation, we’re not suggesting you hand your entire to-do list over to your bridal party, but there are definitely a few key tasks that can be easily outsourced. Some duties are best left up to you and your groom, but delegating a few will give you time to breathe and — most importantly — bask in some of the most exciting days of your lives.

4. Helps you plan your guest list

Sorting the guest list early is important so you can then focus on finding the perfect venue that will cater for your chosen number of guests. Costs per head will most likely be your biggest expense, so don’t be guilt–tripped into inviting people you don’t want to come. It’s the biggest and hardest decision in the whole planning process.

5. Helps you look for best vendors

Your wedding celebration is how you’ll relive the cherished memories of your day, so don’t underestimate the importance of a good vendor. Research carefully and find vendors who understand exactly what you want with the help of checklists for each.

6. Helps you design your Wedding mood board

As much as we love Pinterest and Instagram, when it comes to collecting inspiration for your wedding, we're all for creating a physical wedding mood board. Storing everything in the digital realm can lead to an "out of sight out of mind" mentality, so instead, we love the idea of not only printing out your favorite inspirational wedding photos, but showcasing them in a tangible way.

7. Will make sure you look fabulous

With all that, the planner also makes sure you indulge in a lot of TLC. Everyone wants to look fabulous on their big day, and want the bridal glow on. Now’s the time to adopt a healthy eating plan and practice a few simple exercises to tone your body with the planner.

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